These are the top reasons why Xbox Live rocks

Xbox Live is mainly an internet-based multiplayer gaming service as well as a digital media platform. It was created by Microsoft and the company manages the operations up to these days. It was initially available in November of 2002. During November 2005, Xbox 360 was launches together with the updated edition of Xbox Live. The latest version has been released last 2013 and is called Xbox One. Xbox Live rivals with PlayStation Network (Sony) and Nintendo Network (Nintendo).

In 2007, the platform was made available on the Windows system and was titled "Games for Windows - Live." With this, most features were accessible on computers with Windows OS. Microsoft said they are planning to extend its availability to other devices like mobile phones, which is part of their initiative called Live Anywhere. Since they have launched their own OS for mobile devices in 2010 - Windows Phone - this plan has now been fully integrated. On the 25th of April 2010, original Xbox Games were only accessible through applications with Lan Tunneling, like XLink Kai. The service can be subscription-based (Gold) or free (Free). Several of the features, like online gambling, are exclusively available on the Gold subscription.

When the original console was first developed by Microsoft, they made online gaming as a key pillar for their marketing strategy. Considering Dreamcast' failure to integrate internet-based gaming into their own platform, they realized that it is vital a hard drive and a broadband connection are available. With this realization, a classic port for an Ethernet was included in the console. After several modifications, the company had their busiest day on November 10, 2009 when the title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released. By February 5, 2010 it was announced that the service already has 23 million members.

Using Windows Live Messenger, PC users as well as that of Windows Mobile and Live could connect with each other and chat directly. Eight people can do a group chat while listening to music, watching movies or playing games at the same time. The feature is complimentary to their video and voice chat aspect. Several other features include personalized virtual avatars, a complaint system, friends list, gamerscores equivalent to achievement points of users, a marketplace for downloading content, a sports service bulletin backed by ESPN and an Entertainment portal by MSN.

The username of players was officially called a Gamertag. It could be up to 15 characters long and can include letters, numbers and spaces. It should be unique and can be modified with a fee of $10 after being changed once. Through various online tools, Gamertags can be checked for its status. This is especially useful when checking for an availability of a particular Gamertag. Changes in the policy of such tags with regards to sexual identification were announced by March 2010.

A point accumulation method for achievement was also developed. This was tagged as the Gamerscore and reflects how many achievements have been accumulated by each user. These points are earned for completing specific challenges on games. On the other hand, a user's profile was summarized through an information panel called the Gamercard. By December 2012, Xbox Live is accessible in 41 countries.

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