The PS4 One Year On - What's The Verdict So Far Then, Is All OK?

So now that the PS4 has been around for over a year, what is the general consensus on this latest Sony game console? Is it finally the finished product that everyone was so eagerly expecting or is it still left wanting and not quite reaching the dizzy heights of all their pre-order promotions?

Very rarely do things fully live up to expectations and PS4 is no different. Of course it's always going to be impossible to please all the people all the time and it goes without saying that reviewers have to look at things objectively. What is the purpose of reading a review if it's not 100%, what could one possibly expect to learn.

Most owners would agree that there is still room for improvement that being said, over the past year there have been numerous updates and it's fair to say that Sony are keeping on top of their new baby so it develops and matures in a positive way. There still seems to be that little bit of magic that everyone's waiting to be delivered, one wonders what shape or form that could possibly take, how long will everyone wait before it finally arrives?

Truthfully speaking one has to say with the Playstation 4 keeping up with the modern trend in aesthetics it certainly looks the part. The box is sleek and small and the thermal exhaust at the rear of the unit stays reasonably cool during long periods of use. More so than some laptops at present, so hats off!

Finding recent content on PS4 is certainly more manageable and even without an upgrade getting out and in content remarkably swift and seamless. From standby or even a cold start booting the system takes less than 30 seconds and the player's in and out of different apps before they even know it. Everyone expects great developments for the upcoming year, and no doubt some of the media accessibility will be addressed, don't be surprised if that's the case, heck it must be on the cards!

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