Did PS3 Live Up To All It's Fanfare & Hype - What About Blu-Ray?

The advent of the PS3 attracted all the usual fanfare one could possibly expect. When the games console finally came out and enthusiasts had it in their hot little hands, one has to ask, how much of what was touted actually came to fruition. Was it everything that Sony claimed it to be and what about having Sony's cutting edge Blu-Ray technology at one's fingertips was this really going to be the new wave of the future?

Certainly Sony did their best to keep everyone happy with their PS3 console. Not only was it equipped with their very own vision of the future with Blu-Ray for movie playbacks, but they also had handy compatibility firmly squared away with the ability to play Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 titles as well.

If someone wanted to pop in Suikoden II every once in a while, it was no problem at all. But what about supporting 1080 resolution titles as had been claimed? Had that materialised, were there any additional problems, and what was the ultimate true cost in dollars and cents for sticking with their playback technology, in spite of everything?

Well one of the problems that appeared to develop right out of the box was that of the console overheating, even on the very first day of use! This in fairness certainly isn't an issue with their PS4, quite the opposite in fact.

What for the 1080 resolution being supported on all the PS3 launch software as so highly touted, what of that? Well, approximately half of the software again from the first day, wasn't supported.

Has their Blu-Ray technology gone on to make Sony and their partners the fat cats that they all expected? Nope that never happened.

The outcome of their battle with the technically inferior Toshiba HD/DVD format now appears to be a hollow victory indeed. Recent projections expect Blu-Ray sales over the next 4 years to decline by 38%. Oh how things have changed. No doubt a case of winning the battle and losing the war, perhaps?

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