Feel the rush of a £20,000 minimum jakcpot with Playtech Arcade style casino games

Here is a library of Playtech arcade style casino games offered on the platform. The company has wonderful matches offered including classic ones like keno. Gamers can play for real money or just for fun.

Winners Club Scratchcard

This is a new scratch and has four levels and two huge progressive jackpots. The minimum jackpot amount is £20,000 and the highest is £50,000. The objective is to get three identical objects on the card in order to get a prize. It also has a multiplier as well as an autoplay option.

Hold'Em Showdown

One of the Playtech arcade style casino games is a variant of Texas Hold'Em. The player has to guess what the winning hand is in a showdown. It is among the newest addition to the selection that's offered in casinos on the internet. The all-in face-off in Texas Hold'em is the most thrilling part. Start by selecting the bet size then choosing one opponent card and predicting if the dealer or selected opponent would win. Winning depends on two factors: the amount you bet and the possibility of winning.

Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts is among the Playtech arcade style casino games that were offered. It is an internet-based adaptation of the classic game and includes all the details that make darts a favorite past time. In this version, the dart board is placed on the center of the screen while a chalkboard on the left shows all the information the player needs. There are various betting options offered so budget should not be a problem. With high probability rates for hitting the mark, this offering from Playtech shoots the mark directly.

Windows Reels

Windows Reels is a fruit-themed 3-reel slot from Playtech. It has 10 winning arrangements and 1 payline. A unique feature is it is fixed odds, meaning players bet on specific combinations of symbols. As gamers climb up the combination diagram, the pays also multiply dramatically, ranging between 2x and 100x. Symbols are very colorful and include slices of watermelon, oranges, lemons, cherries, grapes and plum. Payouts come in coins and the jackpot is worth a hundred of these. With the availability of a detailed pay table that shows all probable combinations, this is quite an easy match to play.

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